California Classics French Swing Door

A stile and rail constructed door, with a single lite glass insert or multi lite designs using TDL or SDL barrings!


Basic Design Details:

  • 4″ stile and top rail (on face)
  • 7″ bottom rail (on face) for 6′-8″ & 7′-0″ units
  • 9″ bottom rail (on face) for 6′-10″ & 7′-0″ units
  • 9-5/8″ bottom rail (on face) for 8′-0″ & up units
  • 1-3/4″ thick standard

Species & Finishing:

  • Douglas Fir ( stain or paint grade )
  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • African Mahogany
  • Birch
  • Teak
  • Special Species by Request


  • Model A – Single active door
  • Model B – Double active door
  • Model C – Double active door with 2 active sidelites
  • Model D – Double active door with 2 passive sidelites
  • custom layouts

Framing Details:

  • 5-3/8″ jamb width standard with up to 7-3/8″ jamb width options
  • interior casing mold
  • exterior brick mold (western or eastern)
  • specify for new construction flashing if needed.

For wider wall conditions call for special consideration.

Sill Details:

  • oak sill standard
  • aluminum sill options

consider your handing when ordering your sill. sill are swing specific!

Handing is always exterior looking in.

Weather-Stripping Details:

  • full perimeter weather seals ( bronze or white )
  • vinyl door bottom insert ( black vinyl )
  • silicone caulked glazing for tight seal ( tan )

Glazing Options


  • tempered clear, grey, or frosted glass
  • laminated clear or white glass
  • tempered textured glass

Insulated Dual-Glazed:

  • soft and hard coat low-e ( specify factors )
  • tempered clear, grey, or frosted glass
  • laminated clear or white glass
  • tempered textured glass

All doors must be tempered per LARC R308, LABC Section 2406.4
when matching low-e to existing site conditions make sure to check the type and brand, some variations are subtly but when used next to each other difference can be noticed.

Hardware Options:

Standard Hardware:

  • typical 4″ x 4″ hinges ( paint grade or bronze )
  • security NRP* 4″ x 4″ hinges ( paint grade or bronze )
  • concealed door bottom ( mill finished or bronze aluminum )
  • wood astragals ( for double door units )
Astrigals come in different versions and types. please confirm details on shop if not selecting a standard.

Additional Options:

  • additional sweeps or door bottoms
  • surface mounted lock bolts

Lock hardware is NOT included in this system.
Bore or other hardware prep for outsourced hardware can be completed with the submission of a cut-sheet template

Ordering Specifications:

  • OD sizes for your unit
  • model type (A, B, C, etc…)
  • handing ( swing in or out )
  • hardware desired ( if not specified, no hardware will be applied )
    • sill information
    • weatherstripping
  • glazing desired ( standard is 6mm Clear Laminated )
  • custom design details ( shops must be completed and approved )