Who we are at California Classics

We are a custom mill work factory located in Valencia California, Our company is the original creators of the classic wood sliding patio doors over 35 years ago

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Proudly Fabricated In the U.S.A.

Locally made in Southern California for over 35 years

Trade Terms:

Simulated Divided Lite – when a simulated division is applied to the face of a glass insert to simulated a divided lite look
True Divided Lite – when a physical division is used to divide the glass lite into multiple lites

Non-Removable Pin – A hinge with a security screw installed into the pin causing it to be not removable when the unit is closed. this is only used in swing-out applications.

Glazing Bead – the removable glass stop on the exterior of doors and windows.
Door Bottoms – A door bottom is a shoe or sweep that is applied to the bottom of the doors to create a seal with the flooring or sill.